How can I create an account?

How can I create an account?

  1. Go to

  2. Click “Get Started” in the right hand menu.

  3. Select how to manage your account keys that are used to sign transactions on your behalf:

  4. It is recommended to use a hardware device such as Ledger Nano:

    4.1. Make sure you have the “Cosmos” application installed. Instructions here.

    4.2. Start the “Cosmos” application on the Ledger Nano.

    4.3. Now choose the “Ledger Nano” option in the web wallet.

  5. To store keys in your browser, use the “Keplr Browser Extension” for Google Chrome:

    5.1. Choose the “Keplr Browser Extension” option.

    5.2. You might need to connect the Keplr extension with the e-Money Wallet:

    5.2.1. Wake up the extension by clicking the “Keplr” icon in the extension bar.

    5.2.2. Click the “Connect Keplr Extension” on the webpage.

    5.2.3. Keplr will now ask if you want to add “e-Money Mainnet”. Choose “Yes”.

    5.2.4. Confirm the connection by clicking “Approve”.

In case you need to copy your account address, click the address text below the “Your Address” in the top left corner.

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