Important notice

On January 9, 2023 e-Money A/S announced the cancellation of its stablecoins: EEUR, ECHF, EDKK, ESEK and ENOK.

In addition to the 40 day cancellation window stipulated by the Terms and Conditions, e-Money A/S has continued to offer buyback of EEUR through market operations.

On April 9, 2024 these operations will cease and the value of EEUR is likely to deviate from reference prices.

We strongly recommend EEUR to be swapped against USDC or other crypto assets before 09/04/2024:


09/01/2023 The stablecoin cancellation is announced.
06/03/2023 The 40 business day cancellation window lapses persuant to the Terms and Conditions.
07/03/2023 EEUR buyback continues through market operations on Osmosis.

09/04/2024 EEUR market operations cease.